Photography was never much of a hobby for me until my third point-and-shoot digigal camera and meeting a certain blast-from-the-past who is just so darned photogenic... Since then I have managed to snag a few lucky shots over the years, and I've decorated the walls of my office and home with some proofs of that dumb luck. Once baby Eliot arrived (August 31, 2011) I had to upgrade equipment--for the fast shutter speed and all that... Hoping to shift from dumb luck to the occasional fit of intentional skill, but only time will tell. January 29, 2011


Sometime early in our relationship, Keryn mentioned her life-long desire to ride in a hot-air balloon. Knowing the rich French tradition of montgolfières I managed to find a great balloon company lifting off from Fontainebleau, an hours south of Paris. This photo shows our reflection in a placid country pond.

Murano in Murano

Keryn and I took the Vaporetto from Zattere (a hundred meters from our fantastic pensione) over to the island of Murano. We looked at a lot of very pretty things we could never in this lifetime afford and found a quiet ristorante perched on the water's edge. The image of a glass factory across the canal floated in Keryn's glass.