Chez Shaffner

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Go Jott Yourself

There are already too many ways to communicate, but that doesn’t prevent me from getting really excited about new toys that I’m convinced will change my life. I’ve been through this with the PDA, which sits idle in a dresser drawer beneath several sweaters I have no intentions of wearing in this decade. And I’ve been down this path with a dozen task management doohickeys (sp?) on my laptop. I’m still boycotting the BlackBerry and as a result I suppose I’m destined to use ten different devices for music, telephone, calendar, email, into the distant future.

But my new favorite gadget-of-sorts is a free service from Jott. Here’s the nutshell: you can call a toll-free number from your cell phone and the system automatically recognizes you based on caller ID. You speak for up to thirty seconds and send the transcribed message to yourself or anybody in your address book. The messages are sent as text messages or emails or audio files. It’s awesome, and although I earn no commission (hint, hint to the Jott guys) I’m spreading the news to everybody I see. So far I’ve found excuses to “Jott myself” during meetings, while waiting for the bus, and in between bites at dinner. It’s only the beginning…

Now, I full expect my obsession to wither by the time the Red Sox fall apart this season (wait, that’s already happening? Damn.) Until then, I’ve got a Jott to make: “Don't forget to post that blog about Jott, you lazy slacker!”


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