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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back from the Dead

According to my Blogger home page, it has been more than three full months since I posted a blog. Any blog. Now that’s just pathetic, innit? Meanwhile all those other blogging peeps have posted two hundred million words. So what have I been doing that has kept me away from my extensive fan base?

1. Working, mostly. Work-work not me-work. Two jobs for most of June, which was pretty taxing. Literally. But JHU went live and my project at Harvard is really interesting. That’s about all you can hope for in my business.

2. Wedding planning has taken a goodly portion of my time, but in a good way. We have a brilliant venue, an officiant, and a rock star photographer. But those are stories for another day, and possibly another blog (assuming I give the full-on Lazarus treatment to that other blog now that Keryn’s about to head off on the road for another year of recruiting).

3. Went on a reading bender through July and August. God is Dead by Ron Currie, Jr. was awesome, and I finally got around to reading The English Patient. Ian McEwan may be the only writer alive who can make the cooking of bouillabaisse truly riveting (in Saturday) but On Chesil Beach is a strange read. Finally, J.M. Coetzee is my new favorite author after reading Elizabeth Costello and Disgrace over the summer.

4. Three weddings in three weeks. Need I say more?

5. Some writing. But I’m ashamed to say that my current project is yet another revision of my first novel, in preparation for submission to a few contests and a “final” volley of agent queries. I love my book, but when you start editing sentences back toward where they were three years ago, you know you’re in trouble…

It may take a few weeks to get back into the swing of things, but I’m glad to be back, and I hope to have an audience again soon, too!


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