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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going to the Prom! (Seriously)

Hey, look who’s in the Boston Globe. Right after I said those words, the dude from 6one7 Productions informed me that I was going to be quoted in the paper, and pointed to a reporter on the couch. “Hey,” I said, “all press is good press.”

About this event… : basically it’s the Senior Prom for grown-ups, complete with cheesy photographs and a Prom Court of local socialites. Naturally, Keryn and I couldn’t resist its charms.

Like many Harvard alumni, I own my own tuxedo. Thanks in no small part to my inspired decision to procure adjustable pants back in 1996, the tuxedo still fits. The shirt… not so much. Yesterday I visited Classic Tuxedo to complete my ensemble.

The salesman clearly thought I was making up my story about this “Prom.” Then he proceeded to fleece me. Turns out that they charge a premium on luxurywear. He looked at me like I had five head when I produced a dyed-blue shoe from my messenger bag. Apparently the Newbury Street location doesn’t rent vets on such short notice, especially during prom season. Instead he pitched the classic black vest ($68) and the silver necktie ($50). For that much I could have rented the whole mess. Maybe owning your own tuxedo doesn’t pay off in the long run after all… [Damn you, Tony V. at Classic Tuxedo in Harvard Square! You lied to me!]

Expect lots of fun pictures (and stories) after we get back!



At 8:55 AM, Blogger Veritas99 said...

Too funny. You kids have fun, and be sure not to get into any trouble.

btw...I'm totally with you on Classic Tuxedo and Tony V. I actually found and donated my Tony V.-sold college tux just last week. If yours looked anything like mine, you probably should just rent/buy a new one for Keryn's sake.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger SusanD said...

I wanna see the pictures!


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