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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So Shocked I Almost Can’t Write

Knowing my ten readers as well as I do, I’m sure that you’re all entered in an NCAA bracket contest somewhere… Although this year’s contests have by-and-large gone the way of the higher seeds, it looks like a lot of people are really feeling the after-effects from last year, when 11th seed George Mason made it all the way to the Final Four. In my bracket group at ESPN (shout out to the Hippie Crap crew), it seems a lot of contestants picked the wrong side of 4-13, 5-12, and 6-11 contests.

My all-time record in NCAA brackets is a solid 0-for-life. Why I bother to enter them, I think, is so that I have a justification for spending so many hours staring slack-jawed at the television and eating Easy Cheese direct from the can.

This year has played out a little differently thus far. Thirteen of the Sweet Sixteen (I missed on a couple of the 4-5 match-ups), with none of my Elite Eight teams yet eliminated. I fully expect to lose half the games on Thursday and Friday, but at least I will have enjoyed four solid days of glory.

Read a brief in SI last week about an NCAA pool at some bar in New York who discontinued the contest after last year’s winner received $1,000,000. Too bad the “Hippie Crap” league doesn’t play with that grade of lettuce...


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