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Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Personal Trainer Kicked My Ass

Above: Me trying to get around the apartment this morning.

For the last six years, I’ve been a member of the Boston Sports Club about two blocks from my apartment. For most of that time, I was a member only insofar as a monthly charge showed up on my credit card statements. Since I worked from client sites 4-5 days each week, in the best case scenario I made it to my home gym once a week... (emphasis on best case)

The entire dynamic changed when I terminated my road-warrior lifestyle. Since then, I’ve been awful proud of myself, making it four times on average each week. In fact, I started to think maybe I could even cut back...

Last week, I sought out a spotter for a set of incline bench press, and ended up asking one of the trainers to help me out. Repped out a good set, only to learn that he had a few pointers on my technique. Excuse me???

Next thing I know, I’d signed up for the free hour-long “fitness evaluation” each member is entitled to. Never got around to having mine until yesterday at noon.

How was it? As I told Keryn when I got home: That man kicked the hell out of me.

For sixty minutes he pushed me through a dozen exercises, and the only weight involved was a five-pound medicine ball. Squats, push-ups (at three angles, feet “balanced” on an inflatable ball), power cleans, more squats, hyperextensions, several abdominal exercises for which I have no name but “ouch.”

By the end, any illusions of my own physical fitness had evaporated into the body odor funk permeating the subterranean space. “How do you feel?” he asked. “Like I’m not going to be able to work tomorrow,” I replied.

I was right. I feel pain in atrophied muscles I didn’t know I was supposed to have... I’m fine so long as I remain standing; the moment I go to sit, I regret it. In fact, I’m typing this blog standing at my kitchen stove.

Now the big decision is whether I can afford--financially, physically, or mentally--to let him kick my ass again next week...


At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Dash said...

That's good stuff!
So totally worth the money bud - those will be the best hours you ever spend in the gym.
I'm not biased or anything . . .


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