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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Productive Weeks Are Fine, But Bring Me the Weekend

I am still adjusting to my new lifestyle. Probably I’ll just about settle into a workable routine when it becomes time to find a “real” job again.

On Tuesday I was out of bed and at my desk by 7:45am, cranking away. Two hours on the blogs, two hours working on a few flash fiction pieces I hadn’t thought about in a year, four hours on the creative non-fiction essay I have been honing for the last three weeks, three hours rewriting Chapters 3 and 5 of my in-progress novel… When all was said and done, I was pedal-to-the-metal for fifteen hours, with a brief interruption around midday to throw some weights around.

Yesterday was devoted to my novel. I’ll be thrilled to tears if I ever can stop revising this particular section… I am excited to tackle some entirely new chapters this weekend and into next week. Somehow I need to get Billy (my protagonist) through a painful conversation with the girl (Ginny) he’s pined for since age five. And then I need to figure out who the bad guy is going to be in this epic. Figuring that out is one of the many things that stalled my first attempt at finishing this thing… I’m keeping my fingers crossed for better luck this time around.

Today has been less productive. I did manage to squeeze in 2.5 miles on the treadmill during the lunch hour, which is something. Have had a tough time getting my fingers to cooperate today, though --- they aren’t particularly talkative after two days yammering on about Billy Jones and Ginny Doogan. So I have switched gears to the always exciting re-organization of my files. It has meant that I’ve had the chance to skim a whole bunch of fragments I’ve written over the last three years. I even enjoyed a few lines here and there…

Switching gears... the weekend is looking pretty busy!

TONIGHT I’m supposed to have front-row seats at the Godsmack / Rob Zombie show at the Tweeter Center, courtesy of my buddy DT. He called yesterday after winning the tickets by being caller number seven to a local radio station. I was more than happy to jump at the chance. Free tickets, you know… As part of the prize package, we’re supposed to meet the band before the show. Will give a full report tomorrow.

FRIDAY we’re hitting the Bentley College home opener. Keryn started working there in August and she’s a huge football fan (that happens when you go to college in the SEC). This will be the first time I’ve watched football with her, and it should be interesting. She has a thing for violent sports, you see… But that’s a story for another day.

SATURDAY brings us to see Ben Harper @ the Bank of America Pavilion. Should be a great show. (Had better be, after the challenges I had getting these tickets. It’s a long story you don’t want to hear, but I have nothing good to say about American Express Membership Rewards and their relationship with Ticketmaster…)

Later that night, with any luck, we’ll meet up with an old friend from grade school.

SUNDAY I'm sitting my ass on the couch and watching football... I'm in a suicide pool again this year, after two years in a row being eliminated Week One. I'm not going to jinx my pick by writing it here, but I have to admit a lull in my confidence.

That’s it for now. Sorry today’s posting is so boring! I promise excitement galore in the morning. Unless WAAF never gets these tickets into DT’s hands (he just told me he’s having a tough time reaching their promotions department), in which case you can expect a lot of complaining…



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